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"Anna effortlessly creates a serene environment for my hour-long acupuncture sessions. I always leave feeling that my complaints were addressed perfectly---and I feel well for several weeks. I've been to a few acupuncturists in the Bay Area, and Anna is the best! Things that she's addressed for me include a gut bug, wrist strain from climbing, emotional stress, and wellness." ~ J.L., March 2012


"I went through a very difficult shoulder injury. I didn't know where to turn. I was incredibly lucky to find Anna.  To this day her words ring true in everything I do, 'Everything is temporary.' Thank you Anna for helping through an incredibly difficult time in my life!" ~ Elizabeth T., April 2014


"Anna is my massage therapist. She is empathetic, responsible, focused. She has offered skills to my specific and very personal requests for body work that have truly come from her heart and mind. Her work is loving, kind and strong and supportive. Anna is a yoga teacher and a licensed acupuncturist. I have also experienced both with Anna. She integrates her skills and knowledge and is a treasure for me and her clients." Read more... ~ Priscilla M., January 2015


"I've been going to Anna for massages since last fall. She is outstanding. Her touch is intuitive - she can sense exactly what I need. The first massage I got from her was 60 minutes long, but ever since, I've been going for 90 minutes, because I just don't want it to end! Since she has so many modalities in her toolbox (massage, acupuncture, yoga) she is uniquely equipped as a healer. All of my chronic tension melts away under her hands. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her!" ~ Emily M., June 2012


"Anna's approach to health is truly wholistic and multifaceted. Who else will do acupuncture, deep tissue massage, shiatsu and an herbal consult with you all in the same visit? Her intake is thorough yet efficient- she knows her stuff but doesn't get too heady. Anna's energy is grounded and calming, perfect for getting into a relaxed space for healing. I highly recommend going to see her for specific issues or a general tune up!" ~ David S., February 2016


"Over the years, I have practiced with many different teachers, and that is how I know that Anna is an exceptionally skilled and sensitive teacher. One of Anna's strongest talents is her consistent ability to tune each class to the levels of skill, energy, and physical capability of those present, while still producing excellent sequencing and flow in our asanas. Because of her expertise in offering variations and modifications, the same class can be restorative for one student and very vigorous for another. Her ability to explain movements and asanas in careful but concise detail, with patience, kindness, and good humor, and even to provide hands-on adjustments, allows her students to fully engage with their practice in her classes, no matter how new or how experienced they are." Read more... ~ Chris B., December 2014

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