TESTIMONIAL from Priscilla M., January 2015


"Anna Landauer is my massage therapist.  She is empathetic, responsible, focused. She has offered  skills to my specific and very personal requests for body work that have truly come from her heart and mind.  When I experienced grief and loss and asked specifically for massage around my heart and lungs which I felt were collapsing, she understood immediately.  Her work was loving, kind and strong and supportive.  She has responded deeply to me as a personality and to my body where it holds tension and weight.

Anna asks before a session where or what I want to focus on.  We also choose a body oil.
She does a body scan with her hands.  Then, Anna quietly, carefully and effectively works her healing methods.  Non verbal communication between us is very effective.  There are times, however, when I ask questions and she is very responsive then too.

Anna is a yoga teacher and a licensed acupuncturist.  I have also experienced both with Anna.  She integrates her skills and knowledge and is a treasure for me and her clients."


~ Priscilla M., January 2015