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My approach to yoga integrates the strong alignment traditions of BKS Iyengar, a graceful heart opening attitude, and a deep connection to the natural world with the flowing sequences of Vinyasa.

My diverse personal and professional experiences in yoga and holistic health provide me with a rich blend of tools which inform my unique teaching style. My yoga classes are adaptive and intuitive. My specialty is in creating a class that is tailored specifically to my students' needs. I draw on the strong alignment and rehabilitative principles of Iyengar yoga to set a tone for self care and injury prevention. A typical class includes time for quiet meditation and centering, flowing sequences (aka vinyasa) and longer holds to focus on optimum alignment. 

My approach is eclectic and non-dogmatic. I encourage my students to employ yoga and breath as a tool to enhance awareness of the body, mind and heart, in order to allow each individual to be attentive to their particular needs in the moment. I hope that my students come away with a growing sense of how to listen to the cues they receive from body and breath. With this awareness one can choose to modify or vary their practice in a way that is most skillful in the moment, whether that means to back off and rest or add a variation to deepen and challenge their endurance and skill.


See my Yoga Styles page for more info on the yoga styles I teach, including mindful vinyasa, hatha, gentle, restorative and therapeutic yoga.

I offer private therapeutic yoga sessions! Contact me to schedule an appointment.

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