An Introduction to Wildance

with Wildance artistic director, Anna Landauer


When: Saturday and Sunday, March 14th and 15th, 2020

What time:  Sat 1-4 pm, Sun 1-4pm with showing at 3:30pm

Where:  Meeting place TBD

Who: all levels of dancers & movers; an opportunity to find out more for dancers

interested in audition.

How much: $25-$40 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

**Wildance is seeking dancers for ongoing ensemble work in Santa Cruz and remote wilderness locations.**

Come spend two afternoons dancing and playing in and among some of the most stunning and beautiful wild places in the Santa Cruz area. The second afternoon will culminate with a showing of our explorations on the bluffs at Wilder Ranch State Park.


Day 1: Henry Cowell State Park: River and Redwoods

Day 2: Wilder Ranch State Park: Bluff and Beaches, with showing on the bluffs


*location subject to change - rain cancels*


About the Workshop:


Each afternoon will include facilitated solo, duet and group movement/dance explorations using a variety of improvisation scores, environmental awareness activities and mindfulness practice. We may also use journal writing and personal reflection to encourage integration of our physical/kinesthetic, intellectual and spiritual connection with the environment. 


We will utilize a variety of improvisation tools and exercises to facilitate the development of a sensitivity and responsiveness in relationship to our environment and to each other.

Wildance brings people together in nature to dance, connect and experience. We find stillness, listen to the moment, the landscape, our environment. We listen to our own heartbeat, to the felt presence of each other as we experience ourselves in our environment. From this place of presence and receptivity we allow ourselves to respond and express what we sense and experience through improvised movement and dance.

Contact Anna to register or with any questions.

wcciJAM west coast contact improv jam workshops

I'm excited to be a presenter at this year's west coast contact improv JAM in Berkeley. I'll be teaching a Wildance-inspired class.

What is Wildance you ask?

 Wildance composes site specific dance in response to nature and wilderness utilizing mindfulness and sensory awareness practice to build relationship with each other and the environment. Wildance is an experiential, wilderness based, dance performance project.

Wildance creates an intersection of dance, wilderness and human relationshipthrough dance improvisation, mindfulness practice, and  immersion in nature we connect with the elements and each other, sharing the depth and beauty of that collective connection through our dance.

Help keep Wildance wild!

Donate to our fundrasier that will help this project thrive. All contributions are wildly appreciated!

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The intention of the Wildance Project:

Wildance explores the alchemy and transformative power of collaboration between artist and audience, sharing and expressing our feelings of love and connection with nature and with each other through dance. Wildance hopes to inspire others to seek their own relationship with nature, to sow the seeds of radical love, to encourage sensitivity and responsibility.  Wildance aspires to ignite passion and playfulness in life.

Photography by Dalton Johnson Media

About me and the origins of Wildance:  

My name is Anna Landauer, I am a passionate dancer, outdoor adventurer, and world traveler, I am committed to spreading the spirit of adventure and exploration through my work in the world. My intention is to nurture and support embodied, passionate living through dance, creativity, and mindfulness practices.  More about me. 

Wildance is the expression of my life's dream to integrate my two passions: dance and wilderness.

In each of these passions lie the key to my own spirit. I feel most alive, vibrant, and deeply connected to a power greater than myself when I am dancing, when I am breathing crisp mountain air, sleeping under the endless expanse of stars and sky, surrounded by warm red rock canyon walls.

When I am present, immersed in the moment and tuned in I feel the healing happen in mind, body and spirit. This feeling of joy brings with it an excitement for life, a commitment to living and caring for my body and a bond with wilderness and the elements that affirms my sense of belonging- that I am a part of this earth, that we are a family of humans, creatures, plants and stars- through this feeling of love I am inspired to care for all beings.

I hope that sharing this joy will help others to feel this powerful connection, to understand through body, soul, spirit, mind, or heart- that we are united through this intricate web of life. That we are responsible for each other. That we have the capacity to care for all  beings everywhere. It is possible. To Listen. To Respond.

Photography by Dalton Johnson Media


Wildance Performance and Experience: Evoking the dream of listening, of intuitive compassionate, playful and tender response to our community, to all friends and relatives, humans, creatures great and small, sand, stone, sun, sea, plants, trees, sky.

If you are inspired to donate to our fundraiser, we appreciate it very much thank you!!

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