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With a bachelor's degree in Outdoor Eduation and Social Environmental Issues, as well as being an outdoor athlete and avid traveler, I am committed to spreading the spirit of adventure and exploration!


I have led wilderness and cultural expeditions for more than 20 years, working as an instructor and guide for organizations such as Outward Bound, REI Outdoor School, Global Routes, and the Yosemite Mountaineering School.


As a Wilderness First Responder with training in search and rescue techniques, I love to share my knowledge and experiences on our trips. You can feel safe with me!


Enjoy a fun time breathing fresh air, getting your blood flowing and witnessing beauty!

Yoga Hikes

Breathe in the fresh air as we take our yoga practice outdoors. This time when I say look up to the sky, touch your hands to the earth, or root your feet into the ground, it will be more than just a metaphor! Raise your arms in urdva hastasana and see the swirl of clouds, the tips of the trees, birds circling... We will embark on an adventure of awareness, opening to the peace, vitality and inspiration from opening to nature and the grace of our yoga practice.


Yoga and Mindfulness Wilderness Adventures

We will be delving into the wilderness within us through the path of mindful practice. The act of being mindful is simply a way of maintaining a higher level of awareness in our daily life action and thoughts. This practice may take place while walking, eating or sitting.


Mindfulness in our daily actions is also strengthened through more formal instruction in the contemplative practices of yoga and meditation. Our intention in this course is to practice yoga from our first greetings through our final moment of departure. Rather than limiting our contemplative practice to the yoga mat or meditation cushion, the practice of mindfulness infuses all of daily actions with a higher consciousness and intention.


We hope to explore such approaches to mindfulness in effort to allow for personal exploration, opening ourselves to being present with others, the natural world and ourselves and lastly, a calming of our minds.


Guide Services

Hiring a private hiking guide takes your trip to the next level. Customized to your specific needs, desires, interests or focus, a trek becomes a more personal, meaningful journey. Whether it be a tranquil stroll, a vigorous exploration, or somewhere in between, we will have plenty of time for yoga, meditation, and... healthy snacks! I offer single-day and overnight trips for individuals, couples or groups.


Contact me about my wilderness leadership services.

Yosemite Yoga

Mindfulness Backpacking Retreat

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Contact me to inquire about personal/group day hikes
and backpacking trips.

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