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TESTIMONIAL from Chris B., December 2014


"I have been practicing yoga with Anna Landauer since September 2011, primarily at Bridges Rock Gym, where I attend her 10am 'vinyasa flow' yoga class almost every Tuesday and Thursday.

Over the years, I have practiced with many different teachers, and that is how I know that Anna is an exceptionally skilled and sensitive teacher.

One of Anna's strongest talents is her consistent ability to tune each class to the levels of skill, energy, and physical capability of those present, while still producing excellent sequencing and flow in our asanas. Because of her expertise in offering variations and modifications, the same class can be restorative for one student and very vigorous for another.

Her ability to explain movements and asanas in careful but concise detail, with patience, kindness, and good humor, and even to provide hands-on adjustments, allows her students to fully engage with their practice in her classes, no matter how new or how experienced they are.

Another aspect of Anna's teaching that I value highly is her attention to fostering a wholistic and wise yoga practice in her classes, by incorporating meditation, mindfulness, ample warming up and cooling down, gradual increases in the level of difficulty of asanas, and playfulness, along with multiple opportunities for each student to sweat and strive, or to restore and relax, as is appropriate in the moment.

Her ability as a yoga teacher clearly benefits from her many years of experience not only practicing various types and styles of yoga but also practicing massage, chinese medicine, and acupuncture. Her knowledge of the human body is extensive and expert.

Because Anna has been practicing and teaching yoga for so many years, she is attuned to the different physical capacities of students at the different ages and stages of our lives. As I near 50, I feel safe (and confident!) practicing with Anna in a way that I do not feel safe with many younger and/or newer teachers.

I trust Anna, and recommend her wholeheartedly!"


~ Chris B., December 2014

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