New Practice for the New Year: Shiatsu/Eastern Modalities

I love Shiatsu!

Shiatsu Massage, Oakland, Santa Cruz

Shiatsu is my favorite style of bodywork to receive and my favorite to give as well. I have always felt that it has been the most effective, lasting, bodywork treatment, I have experienced, especially combined with influences from other Eastern modalities (Tuina, Acupressure and Thai massage). As a practitioner of Shiatsu I find myself energized and enlivened after giving a treatment.

Shiatsu works with the same components and systems as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is grace and efficiency in the practice of Shiatsu. Effort and strain are alleviated through techniques which use direct and deep pressure, weight sharing, gravity, rocking and stretching in conjunction with the bodies own system of fascial and energetic connections(aka acupuncture points and meridians).

Shiatsu is my first love in bodywork and so it is the first tool that I lean on to create an effective and powerful session for my clients.

I believe this is one of the essential components that makes my work unique.

I am practicing listening, and responding to the changing needs of my body. So, after 22 years, I am called to circle back to my roots as a massage therapist. In order to support a sustainable practice for years to come, I will be transitioning the majority of my bodywork practice t0 Eastern modalities (Shiatsu, Tuina, Acupressure, and Thai Massage).

What does this mean for you?

Beginning in 2020 I will be limiting the number of Swedish/Deep Tissue Oil & Lotion based sessions that I offer and will focus primarily on Shiatsu, Tuina and Acupressure based bodywork. These sessions are done clothed and, with some exceptions, without lotions or oils.

**A Special Note for my Returning Clients:**

If you are a long time client of mine and you are feeling a little weary of the change, I understand. (Or maybe you are thrilled?!) Please know that I am always open to conversation and further discussion in order to continue to do my best to meet your individual needs for care. Also, it may be helpful to know that you have experienced these modalities in every session, as a matter of fact, most sessions are Shiatsu/Tuina/Acupressure with a little deep tissue and Thai massage thrown in for good measure. The main difference being, sessions will now be done clothes on and with minimal lotion. I think you will love it!

For some of you this is what you have always known of my massage, so no change for you!!

If this is new to you, thank you so much for coming along for the ride as I make this transition. This change will help support the longevity of my practice so I can continue to show up for you as part of your wellness team.

I will continue to offer classic prenatal massage using oils and/lotion.

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